Who are these people and what are they about?
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The 21st Infantry is first and foremost a group of friends. As a group, we began the 21st as an homage to one of the most formative cartoons of our childhoods. We wanted something relatively inexpensive, something everyone could do, but also something that was immediately recognizable by those of our generation as well as those before and after.

COBRA has a special place in our hearts and minds as the ultimate in inept bad guys flailing about in a world their leader wants to control. We enjoy the large amount of fun that is a part of the 21st. It is the main reason we do this. We do not engage in politics, extreme organization, or management.

We currently have members who are costuming the following:

  • Bluesuit Troopers (primary MOS decided by each individual)
  • Vipers
  • Crimson Guard
  • Destro
  • The Baroness
  • Major Bludd
  • Python Patrol
  • Shadow Guard
  • COBRA Commander
  • Zarana
  • COBRA Ninja

We are regular attendees of DragonCon in Atlanta, GA over Labor Day weekend. Other conventions at which we may be found include:

AllCon in Addison, TX in mid-March
ChattaCon in Chattanooga, TN in February





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