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Our forum is open to pretty much anyone who wishes to participate. Since we are more naturally concerned with the costuming aspect of COBRA than with most others, our members are all above the age of consent. This is due to the costs involved, not any kind of age-ism. Individuals below the age of... oh, say eighteen, should show the site to their parents for permission to register before they actually participating.

Be aware that I do not in any way censor for language on these forums nor do I expect our users to do so. Any complaints about a user flaming or in any other way disrespecting another user should be forwarded to me at I will choose how to proceed from there.

I reserve the right to ban anyone I want (except for Apteryx). I'm the boss of this joint. I own the domain and pay for the webhosting. This isn't a democracy. This is benign tyranny.

That said... Jump right in and have fun. We're a friendly sort. The key word above is "benign."


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