Requirements for Joining the 21st Infantry

Entry into the COBRA Cares 21st Infantry requires that you own a COBRA costume and enlist with the group.

1. One must have a high-grade, professional costume of a recognizable character from the television cartoon/comic. If one chooses to expand on their costuming hobby and make other costumes from the G.I. Joe universe, that is fine, with the understanding that some of the events that the group attends requires recognizable, main stream character costumes. Also, we are COBRA, not G.I. Joe. Costumes of named characters are special. Check below.

2. You must like to have fun and be willing to accept criticism positively. We have all "tried" something new that didn't work out with our costumes. Part of our support system is to make suggestions for improvements with costumes. This is meant as constructive criticism and should NEVER be taken personally.

3. You must be willing to be held to high standards when it comes to appearances. Profanity and lewd behavior are not permitted as it reflects on the group.

4. You must remember, at all times, that we are not representatives of Hasbro and never present ourselves as such. We are just fans expressing our love for the G.I. Joe Universe. As such, we do not charge for appearances.

5. You must be at least 18 years of age.






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