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Devils Due Publishing - Home of the GiJoe and GiJoe:Frontline Comic Books. What? you aren't reading the new comic?! For Shame! - The Official Website for Hasbro GiJoe:RAH VS. Cobra Toyline.

Battlefield 1942: GI Joe Conversion - You read it right. Now go look!

Fan Sites: - Brand spankin' new site supporting those sissy marys, GI Joe.  They talk a good game, but Joe's bark always was bigger than their bite.

The Pit - Intel on the vehicles that those weak knee'd sissy marys over at GI Joe use.

QuickKicks Theater - A to Z of the GiJoe Cartoon Series. Features Screen Captures out the Wazoo.

Joe Sightings - Joe and Cobra News from around the world. Updated Daily.

Yo - Everything you ever wanted to know about GiJoe: A Real American Hero action figures, cartoons, comics etc.

Where you can find us every Labor Day Weekend:

Dragon Con - Hosted in Atlanta, this is one of the largest, most bizarre, and most fun Sci Fi, Fantasy Conventions going.

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The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Cobra Cares about Freedom of Speech, and we also love comic books... the CBLDF fights for both... check 'em out.




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