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COBRA Home Movies - created by Apteryx using our massive numbers of photos from COBRA functions and operations.  File is compressed into a .zip due to the total size.

The 21st Infantry's COBRA PSAs - These films have earned their very own sub-page so hit the link to see the story behind the infamous COBRA Public Service Announcements and to see the films themselves.

Value of a Dollar - A film by jedireject that illustrates just how much COBRA will do for a dollar.

Do You Care? - Another film by jedireject full of yummy propaganda!

Archive of the 2003 PSAs

The COBRA Cares! Cheerleaders!- These files are all AVIs at the moment. Sorry, but that's how they came and I no longer have the capability to convert them into .mov


COBRA Recruitment  Screensaver

Photo Galleries (the album creator doesn't put things in alpha order with any real consistency, sorry)

DragonCon 2002
Dallas ComiCon 2002
Halloween 2002
COBRA Camps! 2003
DragonCon 2003
DragonCon 2003 - extra shots
DragonCon 2004 - I'd go a furlong for a COBRA
COBRA Que 2005 - AKA, the Tennessee Hootenanny
DragonCon 2005 - Took forever, but they're finally up!
DragonCon 2007
DragonCon 2008 - Drama Free! Yay!

Desktop Wallpaper

Cobra 21st Infantry Desktop Image - 800x600
Cobra 21st Infantry Hi-Tech Desktop Image - 800x600
Domination is our Goal! - 1024x768
ARBCO Ind. - 1280x1024
Surf Wisely! - 1024x768
Joe Free - 1024x768
COBRA Island - 1152x870





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