Dallas ComiCon 2002

The 21st Takes Plano

Hangin' with JungleCruise!

And the winner is...

Now how am I gonna fit that Big Ass TV into Slave 1?

Ain't they smooth?

It's freakin' Chewbacca!

The Littlest Space Marine

Ray Park loves COBRA!

Scat-Trap... We said 'SMILE'

Why're we here again?

Oh yes... the Ladies

Far too much paperwork in this outfit

All right, men, Blend in!

Your first Challenge is to clamber over this mans gut…

Say the line... you know y'want to

You call THIS a contest?

The judges

Sign of the Snake, baby

Funksnake dreams of life with a TV bigger than his car

Freakin' Jedi everywhere




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