Dragoncon 2004

COBRA Cares!

Saw this tee often, liked it!

Act casual, man

Kodiak, Snakebite & Apteryx
enjoy Hooters

Decoy, Newt, and Semi

Cobra Cares! takes Hooters
and they like it

Apteryx and Dex, cheeky
grins for all!

Killin' time at Hooters

No idea if I was trying to get
Meatshield or the cup!

Strato from the angle I
usually see him

I didn't take this! That's my
hand on the right with a
different camera

Lap, Newt, Chris,
still at Hooters

Softshell, Cover Girl,
and Strato!

Funk isn't even concious

Shot of the Dreadknock shirt
They are badness

Ok, this one was all me.
No idea what I was going for

Dex models the Asshat

Meatshield. Hatted and
taunted by Foley

Foley never screws up!
Why's he been Asshatted?

The Asshat finds its true home
Newt's head!

Medea? Now that's just

Medea plays it tough
at Hooters

Strat, C.G., and Foley!

Softshell and the doo-rag

Hawk and Milf compare