DragonCon 2002

the 21st Takes Atlanta

Crazy ant sculptures in the Atlanta Airport

Softshell poses

More ants on the ceiling

The longest escalator ever

Cheezy grin Dex

Dex showin' off his butt

Hard Rock!

Spy v. Spy, so cool!

The still cool Spies



Jedi Posse

Return of the Jedi Posse

Ass Shot!

Mmm, flexible

Punisher's the only one who posed for me!

Ford characters meeting local media


Beetljuice! (not sayin' it again)

Capt. Starto surveils the lobby

... surveiling takes a while


Sabretooth from afar

Puffy Suit guys, no idea

Ford characters pose

They pose again! Hams!

Stormshadow meets us

This time with the flash, duh

Double Spidey Action

Deep Eyes from... uhh, FF?





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