Dragoncon 2004 PSA's

Major Stratohead

So if you have been paying attention, you may have figured after the warm reception our DragonCon 2003 PSA’s received…we were all very eager to have another go at these things.

This time around we had even loftier goals. We wanted to do bigger, better shorts…and we really REALLY wanted to take a crack at live action.


Yes, well…wanting to do something, and being able to do it…two separate things.

In addition to being faced with the same limitations as before : No Budget, Finite Time, and ZERO profit Potential, we also had one big new hurdle to face. Apteryx and Meatshield moved to Florida…taking the Voice Over department with them.

This meant that we had to plan further out in advance…hell…we just had to have a PLAN, period. Faced with the reality that the 21 st is growing ever more dispersed across the country, and peoples real lives getting in the way of this little hobby of ours (plus some of us procrastinate like a sonofabitch), we once again had to limit the scope and scale of what we could produce.

We got started with the writing sessions in February. And for the most part we were done writing by April. Due to reasons I still haven’t figured out… the Scripts weren’t presented for editing and to Two Kings Studios until, shit something like July.

So despite the most mediocre plans of mice and COBRA’s…we were once again…up against the wall of time. Luckily Apteryx and Meatshield kick ass… as does Kodiak33.

Cuz, once I had the Audio in my spindly, oversized hands…we then had to get the video done. Due to working 2 jobs, taking on a pre-fabricated family and planning for an upcoming wedding of his own… Kodiak33 only had about 1-2 hours per week to edit this stuff together.

All told we managed to get 8 PSA’s done this year. They look better, they sound better, and they are a lot more complex than the first batch, and we did it all in about 1/3 rd the time it took us last year.

Granted we still have some additional material left over…and because the Ticker/Crawl plugin wouldn’t behave…we have a great deal of Unused Ticker Gags in the bin.

Of course I can’t write this up without mentioning Kodiak’s little adventure.

We had the PSA’s done…all that was left was to get them batched out to Video Tape.

Kodiak had setup his PC and VCR…and all he to do was push “record”…that’s when his Windows machine went completely tits up. Kodiak33 tells this story better than I could…suffice it to say that 2 hours with a friend on telephone TechSupport, they were able to get the PC to boot into safe mode, and still manage to burn the PSA’s to a pair of CD’s. Then Kodiak had to rush to the studio where his day job is, and batch the things out on a Macintosh.

The really sad thing is…DCON TV refused VHS this year. They only wanted the CD’s.

Go figure.

Oh well…anyhow I have gone on for far too long here…so please, humble home viewer enjoy the fruits of our geekish labor.

The PSA's for 2004


Quasi-Legal Disclaimer:

Obviously HASBRO STILL owns the rights to all things GIJoe and COBRA related.

The song “Short Circuit” belongs to Daft Punk, and either is owned by Daft Punk or Virgin Records…I am not clear on that.

The song “Ambient Wonder” belongs to BUNGIE Soft (bonus points to anyone who can figure out were we pulled that one from).

Some Images used in the PSA’s have been culled from the Web, and even in their modified state still belong to the original rights holders…and no ownership of said images is even remotely implied on our behalf.

The use of all of above are intended solely as a form of FAN FICTION, made by fans to amuse other fans, and no profits are allowed in the free distribution of our FAN FILMS.

So nobody needs to sue nobody…cool?


DRAGON CON 2004 COBRA 21st Infantry Public Service Announcements:
Produced by ARBCO Industrial Films
In association with
Kodiak Entertainment

Writers: Lapdance, Funksnake, and Stratohead

Additional Writing, Gags, and Improvisational work: Meatshield, Kodiak33, and Apteryx

Voice Talent: Apteryx, and Meatshield

QuasiAnal Director for Voice Talent: Meatshield

4-Track recording: Meatshield

Sound Remixing: Meatshield

Recorded at: Two Kings Studios of Somewhere under 6 feet of Water, Florida

Music Selection: Stratohead

Music Editing: Kodiak33

Video Editor: Kodiak33

Photoshop And Graphics work: Stratohead, Kodiak33, Weapon Dex. Scat-Trap

UberAnal Director for Video Segments: Stratohead

Video duping: Kodiak33

Technical Services Performed at Kodiak Entertainment of Hurst , Texas

QuickTime Compression: Stratohead

Web Prep Services Performed at ARBCO Industrial Films of Dallas , Texas

Web Page Design: Flea

Web Coding: Flea

UBER Web Goddess: Flea

Web Production Performed at of Florence, KY

Loser who STILL has WAY too much fucking time on his hands: Stratohead






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